Tuesday, May 29, 2007


"Therefore do worlds love you - one generation after another, a love transcending lifetimes. Every soul is connected to every other, not merely during one's own lifetime, but also through all generations.
The experiences of other souls appear in our own lives just as ours will show up in generations yet to come. In this way, a soul's experience of long ago might also, for a few minutes, dwell within someone living now. Suddenly he knows or seems to remember something that he could not possibly have experienced. These memories survive the forgetting that seems to separate one lifetime from another. And yet, in the soul of the one for whom it is intended, the memory can blossom and bring forth fruit in a new season."
- Kabbalah: A Love Story by Lawrence Kushner
Este pedazo explica el inexplicable momento cuando nos encontramos en los ojos y el alma de un perfecto desconocido. Por todos esos encuentros, los que perduran, los que pasaron y los que vendrán... Y.S.B.


At 11:48 PM, Blogger ojitos said...

hermoso...que bueno tenerte d vuelta en la casa de las letras...


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